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Pastured Veal:

We have a limited amount of Pastured Veal left. Please fill out the order form below to place an order for your whole or half veal. After submitting your order form we will email you an invoice for the exact veal carcass you will receive. You may pay for your order with a credit card through the PayPal link on your invoice. Order and pricing information is below the order form.

Pastured Veal Order Form:

Our Pastured Veal is priced at $7.75/lb. of the "Hanging Weight" of your carcass. Hanging weights average around 210 lbs. for a whole carcass and 105 lbs. for a half carcass. The average price for a Whole Veal carcass will be approximately $1627.50. For a Half Veal carcass the price will be approximately $813.75.

If you do not have enough room in your freezer for your Order, we can work with you. You can tell us how much you want right away and when you want the rest. We will take payment up front, you can take delivery of the amount you want right away, and we will hold the rest for you to either pick up or have shipped. [Note: your Order cannot be divided into amounts of less than 25 lbs. each]

An average Whole Veal Order will include:

Loin Chops - (Approx. 11 lbs. total) - 1.5" thick, 2 per package

Rib Chops - (Approx. 10 lbs. total) - 1.5" thick, 2 per package

Osso Buco - (Approx. 9 lbs. total) - 1" thick, 2 per package

Cutlets - (Approx. 16 lbs. total) - 4 per package

Short Ribs - (Approx. 8 lbs. total) -  2 per package

Marrow Bones - (Approx. 2 lbs. total) -  2 per package

Ground Veal - (Approx. 98 lbs. total) - 1 lb. packages

The Half Veal carcass will include the cuts listed above only half as much. You may also include some or all of these Specialty Cuts in your Order at no extra cost: Sweetbreads, Bones, Kidneys, Heart, Tongue, Liver, Fat, Testicles, Veal Head.

Your Order will be vacuum packed and frozen. You can pick your Order up at our Buffalo location (or at our cold storage facilities in Palestine or Fredericksburg); or, for an additional shipping charge of approximately $2/lb., we can ship your Order to any location in Texas.

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