B2 Ranch is a working cattle ranch. Starting with an initial herd of crossbred cows, Red Angus bulls acquired from Pharo Cattle Company are being used to develop a herd of cattle that is well adapted to its environment. We selected Pharo Red Angus because we believe their low maintenance high quality bulls are the best fit for our environment. We believe that the most efficient cowherd – both from a habitat management and economic perspective – is the herd that is developed within the environment in which it will live. 

All our cattle live on pasture. We practice short term rotational grazing and, in some pastures, high density rotational grazing. Done correctly, this type of grazing is much better for the soil and plants due to the extended rest periods and concentrated recycling of nutrients, and is much better for the health of the cattle because they are able to move to fresh pasture frequently. 

Our grazing management also allows us to avoid the use of chemical wormers and fly control. We believe that chemical insecticides cause more harm than good. Beneficial insects and soil microorganisms, necessary for healthy soils, are damaged by these insecticides. Besides that, some cattle are genetically resistant to flies and parasites and, with careful selection, we intend to build this genetic influence into our herd.

The health and welfare of our cattle are priorities. Though we do not administer antibiotics as a management practice, if an animal is sick and needs treatment, we will treat it. An animal treated with antibiotics will be removed from our beef sales program. 

We do not administer hormones to our cattle.