Reservations – How it Works

We sell our Pastured Meats both by the cut as well as by the carcass. If you would like a veal carcass or a side of beef, please make a reservation below. Pastured Beef will be available in July-August. All natural, grass-fed, Pastured Veal will be available December. Reservations are free – payment will not be due until your Order is confirmed and your meat has been processed. With a reservation you will get your carcass custom processed with the types of cuts and packaging that you want.

The Reservation Process is as follows:

1. Reserve the product and quantities you want to buy using the Reservation Form below. Payment will not be due until your Order is confirmed.

2. Before an animal is sent to the processor, we will contact you to confirm your Order and create a custom cut list. If you no longer want your meat, tell us, and we will cancel your Order without charge.

3. After your Order is confirmed and your meat has been processed, we will send you an invoice for your Order.

4. When payment has been received, your Order will be delivered or made ready for pickup on a prearranged pickup date based on your indicated preference.

See the Order Now page for products we currently have available for sale.

Our products are seasonal and this reservation process is crucial in helping us manage inventories and plan for the future. Your reservations help determine how much beef we will process. If you would like to buy our Pastured Veal or Beef, please make a reservation today.