Restaurants and Wholesalers

If you are a restaurant or wholesaler, B2 Ranch can offer you a unique, tasty and healthy product that was raised under our careful care and management principles. We are open about our practices and encourage you to come visit the ranch to see what we do first hand. You will be buying directly from the people who work hard to raise healthy animals while caring for and helping the land.

Here’s what we can do for Pastured Veal Restaurant and Wholesaler Customers:

  • We can provide wholesale pricing. We sell our Pastured Veal by the carcass, or by the cut. The whole carcass price is based on the “Hanging Weight” of each carcass. Restaurant and wholesale pricing for our Pastured Veal for 2018 is $6.75 per pound of Hanging Weight. Our average veal carcass will weigh around 210 pounds.
  • We can work with you to develop a custom cut list so that you get exactly what you need. We have worked with restaurants in the past to custom process the right cuts, thicknesses, quantities and packages to meet their needs.
  • We can include all Specialty Cuts. This includes the sweetbreads, kidneys, heart, tongue, liver, testicles, veal head, fat and soup bones.
  • We can deliver your order to you. If you have limited storage capacity, we can hold your order for you and deliver it to you as needed. [Note: to avoid unnecessary costs and inefficiencies, certain minimum delivery requirements will apply.]

If you are a restaurant or wholesaler and are interested in buying our Pastured Veal, please contact us using the form below. Free samples are available upon your request. Thank you for your interest in B2 Ranch.