The Cotulla Ranch

The Cotulla Ranch has been owned by the Beall Family since 1970. It is situated in the South Texas Brush Country about 15 miles west of Cotulla, Texas. Mark Beall is the executive manager of the ranch. Grant Rogers and his wife, Paulette are the resident managers and work full time on the ranch, caring for their 2 young children, 6 dogs and 3 horses, in addition to the cattle. However, just like the Buffalo Ranch, when it comes time to work the cattle, the whole Beall family pitches in.

Habitat is a diverse mixture of mesquite, blackbrush, guajillo, huisache, whitebrush, granjeno, guayacan, brasil, texas persimmon, cenizo and other trees and shrubs common in the South Texas Brush Country. Grasses include a mixture of natives (windmill grass, four-flower trichloris, plains bristlegrass, and others) and non-native buffelgrass.  An extensive water distribution system provides water to all portions of the ranch – a big advantage in dry and drought prone South Texas. There is a good road system providing access throughout the ranch, as well as several “senderos” – open lanes through the brush that allow off road access by foot, horses and off road vehicles.

Like the Buffalo Ranch, wildlife is abundant, with whitetail deer, quail (both bobwhite and blues), turkeys, bobcats, coyotes and the occasional mountain lion. There are ducks, red-tail hawks, caracara, road runners, and many other birds.  

The water system, roads, and senderos at the Cotulla Ranch make it possible to practice a higher degree of rotational grazing than is typical in the brush country. The Cotulla Ranch currently has 22 grazing cells, and plans to further divide into more. More grazing cells allows continued improvement of the habitat through better grazing management and extended periods of rest from grazing.

The Cotulla Ranch is developing a herd of cattle well adapted to the South Texas environment – which means there will be a little difference between the Cotulla Ranch cattle and the Buffalo Ranch cattle. The Cotulla Ranch cattle are currently a mixture of crossbred cows and “STAR” bulls acquired from the Lukefahr Ranch out of Kingsville, Texas. “STAR” bulls are a composite of the Senepol, Tuli and Red Angus breeds. The STAR bulls contribute heat tolerance and parasite and disease resistance to the herd – which is absolutely a necessity in South Texas. Brahman cattle have typically been used for this purpose; however, the Cotulla Ranch decided to utilize STAR genetics to avoid some of the disadvantages of the Brahman breed.

The Cotulla Ranch follows the same Principles as the Buffalo Ranch.